Help support the integration of breast cancer and reconstruction research, led by Professor Judit E. Puskas!

Nicole GallowayNicole Galloway, Akron, Ohio: “I’m 36 years old, a wife, a mother and I am a 2 time cancer survivor. I had a double mastectomy in April of 2013 followed by 6 months of chemotherapy, and as of today November 19, 2013, I am in the process of scheduling a second surgery on my right breast due to implant complications. The implants that Dr. Puskas and her team are working on would be vital to not only breast cancer patients but also survivors like myself. My first time through Chemotherapy was in 1993 and the side effects were horrific, fast forward to 2013 and things truly have come a long way, however I still lost all of my hair and physically was knocked down the week after chemo. The drugs used to treat Breast Cancer torment your muscles, stomach and quality of life. If the polymer fiber on these implants can take away even a miniscule amount of these side effects for women, and the material in which they are made can prevent ruptures and ongoing maintenance surgeries, then in my opinion there is no dollar amount that can be put on them.“
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Judy AkinsJudy Akins, Manchester, Ohio: “I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2012 which ultimately resulted in a double mastectomy.  I approached that surgery with two hopes…first, that I would be cancer free and second, that my body could be restored to appear somewhat normal. Gratefully my first hope became a reality and I am now cancer free.  The reconstruction of my body has not gone so well.  Seven surgeries later I have had two failed reconstructions due to post op complications.  Each time the implants had to be removed. I am now back at square one trying to decide what to do next.  I am hopeful that the work that Dr. Puskas is doing can help to decrease the number of complications women face during the reconstruction process which would significantly reduce the trauma women face after undergoing the disfiguring surgery of a double mastectomy.”
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We would like to ask you to please consider supporting a research team working in the Akron/Cleveland area. A team of scientists led by Dr. Judit E. Puskas, Professor, The University of Akron Engineering Research Center, Akron, Ohio, is combining new methods of breast reconstruction with ways to detect cancer and destroy it. The Breast Cancer Innovation Foundation (formerly The Carole & Robin Reid Foundation), a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 2012, wants to raise funds and donate to this research team to help transfer their innovations from the laboratory to the patient. Recent cuts in government funding and grants have resulted in a budget deficit for scientific research development which many are struggling to overcome. The Akron Breast Team, in collaboration with the Cleveland Clinic, aims to radically improve the quality of life for breast cancer patients and survivors by greatly reducing the current 30+ percent implant replacement due to the rate of infections or capsular contracture and rupture that necessitate ongoing medical or surgical care. In addition, drugs or other biological agents to diagnose, target, and treat cancer cells could be delivered locally with limited or no side effects (hair loss, nausea).

To become available to patients, new medical devices like this require significant investment in research and development. The estimated cost to get the new drug eluting implant ready for clinical trial is over $2 million. A successful Phase I clinical trial is essential to attain the interest of cancer drug and implant manufacturers. The Foundation can only help the Puskas Team achieve its goals with generous donations from members of the community like you. Your contribution towards this goal is tax deductible.

Please consider the difference you can make in the lives of breast cancer and reconstruction survivors like us, by helping this safer implant with diagnostics and treatment abilities become available to the surgeons performing the reconstructions on many women following mastectomies. Please see the attached news article(s) related to the Puskas Team and the Foundation brochure. We hope you will support our efforts and would like to thank you in advance for your generosity! The Foundation plans to have regular update on progress so you can see where your money will be going.

Please send your tax-deductible contribution to:
Breast Cancer Innovation Foundation
P.O. Box 13044 Fairlawn, OH 44334-8444

Please make checks payable to the Breast Cancer Innovation Foundation


Judy Akins
Board Member, and Survivor
Nicole Galloway
Friend of Foundation, and Survivor

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