Please join us in the battle against breast cancer!

OUR HISTORY & MISSION: The Breast Cancer Innovation Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in Akron, Ohio in 2012 by Carole and Robin Reid. Originally known as the Carole & Robin Reid Foundation, our name changed to the “Breast Cancer Innovation Foundation” in 2014. Our Mission: The Breast Cancer Innovation Foundation (BCIF) raises funds and donates to universities and charitable research institutions conducting breast cancer research that will benefit women, by transferring innovations from the laboratory to the bedside.

OUR TARGET: Current breast cancer research in Professor Judit E. Puskas’ laboratory at The University of Akron aims to (1) improve the efficiency and less invasive treatment of breast cancer, and (2) reduce or eliminate the side effects associated with chemotherapy. These two objectives will be accomplished by the delivery of imaging agents and cancer-killing drugs using polymer-based materials with “magic claws.” These "magic claws" will directly target and attach to cancer cells preferentially over healthy cells and destroy them! Similar materials were in Phase III clinical trials in Europe in 2014, but were terminated because the agents did not perform as expected. In addition, consistent production attempts were unsuccessful until Professor Puskas’ group took up the challenge and solved these problems! The Puskas “magic claws” research is ready to complete its final stages and begin hospital clinical studies. Hopefully, this treatment
will reach the patient’s bedside as soon as possible!

OUR GOAL: $100,000 must be raised to cover the costs of production in the Puskas lab and testing at the Cleveland Clinic. At the “2016 Cupcakes for a Cause” event, $30,000 was raised towards this goal. But, your help is needed to reach our target goal. You can help us now by visiting our website and Donating with PayPal. Your tax-deductible donation, which will support the research causes directly, will greatly impact the lives of women diagnosed with breast cancer.

OUR UPCOMING EVENT: “S.O.S.- Stories of Support” event on Thursday, October 5, 2017 at Portage Country Club! We hope to see you there! The program will be posted on our web site.

THANK YOU for helping in our efforts to combat breast cancer!

Stacey Zahoranski, President

Please send your contribution to:

2295 West Market Street, Suite D
Akron, OH 44313

Make checks payable to:
Breast Cancer Innovation Foundation

Donation Levels
$10-49 Friend
$50-99 Star
$100-999 Superstar
$1000-9,999 Benefactor
$10,000 and above Partner

First Project

Integrating Breast Reconstruction with Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

• Cancer diagnosis with imaging stray cancer cells
• Cancer treatment with lower doses of chemotherapy
• “Magic bullet” drug targeting only cancer cells
• Reduction or elimination of inflammation and infection
• Less or no side effects (hair loss, nausea)
• Pain management during reconstruction

The Foundation’s Target for 2014-2018

• The Akron Breast Team (The University of Akron, Summa Health System and Akron General Medical Center) aims to integrate Akron inventions to combine cancer diagnosis and treatment with breast reconstruction to radically improve the quality of life for breast cancer patients

• To raise $2 million to get a drug eluting tissue expander for breast reconstruction into clinical trial

Just $10 from each citizen of Akron will make this dream come true!

Why we do it:

The Carole & Robin Reid Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, was started in 2012 in Akron.

The Foundation aimed to raise funds for the Akron Breast Team, working on the integration of breast reconstruction with cancer diagnosis and treatment.

logoThe Foundation changed its name to “Breast Cancer Innovation Foundation” and selected Pink Gardenia as our logo

Goals of the Foundation

The Foundation will raise funds and donate to universities and charitable research institutions conducting breast cancer research that will benefit women by transferring innovations from the laboratory to the patient.

More about the GE Healthymagination Challenge


• The Healthymagination Breast Cancer Challenge was launched by GE in September 2011 to identify and accelerate ideas to advance breast cancer early detection and diagnostics to help save lives. More than 500 proposals from 40 countries were submitted in response to the “GE Healthymagination Cancer Challenge”;

• Professor Judit E. Puskas from The University of Akron was among five winners

– the others were major cancer research centers (Vanderbilt University, the Moffit Cancer Center, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer center and the Uganda Cancer Institute.

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